The COPP2 system is an upgrade of COPP, extended to twelve metro stations of Paris’ 13th line. Its goal is to safely control the opening and closing of the platform screen-doors and enable the automatic turn-back of the trains at Châtillon-Montrouge (terminus of the line).


The opening of the platform screen doors

Captors on the ground check the presence of a train. If this one is at the right place, The order of opening the train doors commanded by the driver is transmitted by an on-board transmitter to the ground through a magnetic loop (placed between the rails) and thus to the screen-doors.

Dependability of the system

Our system is SIL3 graduated and thus guarantees that the platform screen doors do not open if the train is misplaced or absent or have not commanded the opening of the its doors. In cases of maintenance, the system provides also information to smooth the diagnosis.

The closing of the platform screen doors

1°Screen doors close when the driver of the train closes its owns. A stoplight is shining at the front of the train as long as the platform screen doors are being opened. Thus the driver can’t start its train if the screen doors are still opened.

2°If, for an unknown reason, the screen doors are opened without a train at the right place or with no train at all, then, the screen doors close themselves. (If you configure them to do so.)



> A reaction time inferior to 100ms.
> An availability of the system superior to 99.9%.
> The distance between the transmitter of the train and the magnetic loop is from 0 to 284mm.


The system is made of 2 parts:

1 – An on-board system: A COPP2-Bord sub-system is installed on each train. It is connected with the material of the train and transmits the command from the train to the ground. In this COPP2-bord, we can find a record deck at the keystone of the middle wagon and a transmitter installed under this wagon.
2 – A ground part : A sub-system named “COPP2-Sol” is installed on each way and interfaced with the platform screen-doors. It receives the commands from the train, checks the necessary requirements, and if they are ok, transmits the commands to the platform screen doors. This dispositive is composed of an electronic-board, the captors and the magnetic loop between the rails.
NB : There is a magnetic loop for each platform around the train to guarantee that the right screen doors open.
At the station Châtillon-Montrouge, that subsystem is interfaced with the automatic turn-back system.